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October 22, 2019

2019 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards Finalist

BY Angel MedFlight

2019 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards Finalist, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance, Leads Healthcare through Technology Advancement

The 2019 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards highlighted Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance leadership as some of the top innovators in the state of Arizona.

The Arizona Technology Council, in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), will honor technology leaders and innovators from across the state at the 16th annual Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Awards (GCOI) on October 24, 2019, at the Phoenix Convention Center. The annual black-tie event attracts more than 850 attendees each year for a night of networking, dining, and entertainment.

This year, MSS Business Transformation will be presenting the event’s newest accolade, the MSS Business Transformation Leader of the Year Award. The innovation award is given to an executive or an organization (for-profit or not-for-profit) that has achieved significant business success driving positive, transformational change in their organization with measurable outcomes in 2018.

Angel MedFlight’s Leaders

Two of Angel MedFlight’s leaders – Paul Green, Chief Development Officer, and Andrew Bess, President – were nominated for the innovation award together and are finalists for the Business Transformation Leader of the Year award.

Green has developed and led AMF’s transformational changes in 2018 while Bess has built a company culture that fosters innovation. Jointly, this has allowed AMF to pursue trailblazing and nationally recognized solutions that enhance the patient experience.

“Paul is the quintessential self-starter who never turns down a challenge to make our company better. He’s the motor of our technology and innovation platform. He’s taken a small team and limited resources and changed the way our industry meets the demands of our patients,” Bess said about Green.

Green led the Angel MedFlight IT team in the development of MedLog2, a comprehensive air ambulance medical charting application that works on an iPad. Paul and his team incorporated feedback from our clinicians to design an intuitive program that reduced both flight preparation and post-flight charting times. The app improved our efficiency in downloading and reviewing existing medical records, putting crucial information at our clinicians’ fingertips during flight. The intuitive format makes in-flight charting faster and easier, allowing clinicians to spend more time caring for our patients. With less downtime for documentation, the Angel MedFlight teams have been able to complete more flights and help more patients get to their next level of care.

The Right Answers

Patient advocacy, best-in-class clinical care, and safety have always been the bedrock of Angel MedFlight. However, Bess encouraged AMF to search above and beyond what typically defines a successful flight and look for ways to improve the patient experience from start to finish. Through his leadership, he encouraged Green and the staff to invest in scalable technology and ask the hard questions to get to the right answers.

“Andrew understands that it takes innovative technology and great people to drive a successful company. He is supportive and even encourages us to dig deeper to find lasting solutions – even if we have to invent them ourselves,” Green said about Bess.

Industry-standard paper charts are cumbersome and insufficient for the high-quality care our clinicians provide in flight at 40,000 feet. With a focus on continual process improvement, Angel MedFlight is proud to be a technology-forward company. AMF’s nimble and highly intuitive electronic medical record (EMR) application reflects our commitment to operational excellence.

IT team working on a white board

Technology Innovation

Green and the IT team knew they could rely on the speed, flexibility, and convenience of iPads. Unfortunately, there were no existing out of the box iPad-compatible applications designed to support air ambulance providers. They realized that they needed to develop a custom solution.

While creating a medical charting application sounds simple, the reality is far more complex. Aircraft cannot take off if the medical team doesn’t have access to the patient’s medical records and the physician’s orders. Equipment reliability, connectivity, and speed are mission-critical. By using Apple products supported by AppleCare, the team knew they were starting with dependable devices that could be serviced or easily replaced anywhere around the world, minimizing our downtime and expediting patient flights.

The team identified three key functionality requirements: Clinicians needed to access the app regardless of location and in online or offline mode, Medical records (PHI) must remain secure and HIPAA Compliant, and create a comprehensive workflow solution for our medical crew.

This innovation award is a team achievement, Green and Bess acknowledged. “Our IT team is nothing short of impressive,” Green said. This innovation and technology was developed and deployed by a key team of subject matter experts. Ray Mallaire, Director of IT, Brett Murphy, Developer, and Ian Conner, Senior System Administrator, led the way on executing the innovation that drives Angel MedFlight’s technology platform.

Paul Green's portrait

About Paul Green

With more than 20 years of IT experience, Paul’s technology-infused leadership adds an exciting dimension to his role as Chief Development Officer. His creativity and boundary-pushing initiatives drive patient-centered solutions that result in greater care and service. Paul started his career in the hospitality field where he focused on streamlining technology to meet and exceed business objectives. His marketing acumen and original campaigns led to national prominence within the hotel chain, allowing him to expand his role, ultimately rising to Chief Information Officer. Seeking a new challenge, Paul joined Angel MedFlight as CIO in 2014 to strengthen the company’s IT capability in support of its continued growth. In 2018, Paul was named the Chief Development Officer to lead the company’s technology and business development initiatives. In 2019, Paul spearheaded national media attention for AMF technology features with VMware, Amazon, and Verizon.

Andrew Bess' portrait

About Andrew Bess

Andrew Bess is a healthcare executive that brings his experience in operations, revenue cycle management, business administration, and finance to Angel MedFlight. As President and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew oversees the operations, clinical services, marketing, business development, planning and the company’s overall strategic direction. His experience and leadership focuses on growing a company that provides best-in-class clinical care at 40,000 feet, expanding patient advocacy and the importance at getting to the right level of care, and driving a financially fit organization with a strong corporate mission. Before joining Angel MedFlight, Andrew worked across the country in the hospital consulting space and physician practice plan’s specializing in revenue cycle and healthcare operations management. Andrew received his undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona and later went on to obtain his MBA from the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management.

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