Ensuring patient safety at 40,000 feet

Healthcare professionals, patients, and their families count on Angel MedFlight for safe, seamless flights that range from hundreds to thousands of miles. There is no room for errors caring for critical patients at 40,000 feet. Angel MedFlight continually looks for ways to improve our service by simplifying our process for greater efficiency, which allows our medical teams to dedicate more time to our patients.

Patient care and safety have always been Angel MedFlight’s top priorities. We ensure best-in-class care and service by building teams of highly-trained clinicians and experienced pilots, investing in advanced equipment on safe aircraft, and operating a 24/7 flight coordination and dispatch center. But our focus on continual process improvement has also inspired innovative advances using technology.

Using technology to improve patient care

Angel MedFlight is proud to be a technology-forward company. We developed our own custom, electronic medical records (EMR) app. Angel MedFlight’s MedLog2 app runs on an iPad so our clinicians always have the patient’s medical information at their fingertips. MedLog2 improves our efficiency in downloading and reviewing existing medical records, reducing pre- and post-flight downtime. The intuitive, touch-screen format also makes in-flight charting faster and easier so clinicians can focus on our patients not paperwork.

With less downtime for documentation, the Angel MedFlight teams are able to complete more flights. Our increased efficiency has contributed to the growth of our Transplant Program. Now we can respond even quicker when a patient is matched with an organ and must be flown several hundred miles for transplant surgery. We are helping more patients receive life-saving transplants than ever before.

For our patients, every moment counts.