Debra Dodson

 In January 2017,  my husband became critically ill in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We contacted Angel MedFlight to send an air ambulance to take us to Oklahoma City for further hospitalization. I cannot express my gratitude to the entire staff that worked with us, from our initial call for help, to the wonderful on board nurses, and flight crew.  They moved quickly to get get us from the hospital in Cabo to the air ambulance waiting at the San Jose airport, and delivered us safely on the ground with further transportation to the hospital in Oklahoma City. Our nurses in flight were trained and absolutely the “best” .  In an extremely stressful situation, they came through for us.  Not only were they “professional”, but they were kind and caring. I have told everyone about their service and highly recommend Angel MedFlight to anyone that might be in need of their very professional service. Thank you for being so compassionate and professional.