How to Schedule a Medical Flight Transport


Scheduling a flight is as simple as it should be.

Scheduling Air Ambulance Transportation

Having an ill or injured loved one is overwhelming, even without the added stress of managing the myriad of details needed for a successful air medical transport.

We understand and we can help. Every day, our Flight Coordinators arrange the safe transport of patients across the country and around the world.

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MEDICAL STAFF Who are experienced critical care nurses, paramedics, and case managers

PROFESSIONAL COORDINATORS Who manage all details of air and ground transportation arrangements

FLIGHT CREW Who are specially trained by the aircraft operator in medical transportation needs

SPECIALTY TEAM Of lawyers, insurance specialists, and staff who take care of it all

3 Steps to Schedule

We are available around the clock, every day of the year. One phone call and we will take care of arranging all of the details involving an air medical transport so you can focus on what matters.  We are committed to simplifying the air ambulance coordination process for our patients, their families and the case managers that care for them.

1.  You Call. One call, total peace of mind.

When you call, our caring, compassionate flight coordinators listen and guide you through the transport process, answering all of your questions.

2. We coordinate. We plan the complete patient transport.

Our team coordinates every detail of a Bedside-to-Bedside medical flight. We schedule all ground and air transportation, make arrangements with the sending and receiving facilities and contact the patient’s insurance company to verify benefits.

3.  We arrange transport. Seamless Bedside-to-Bedside care.

Our award-winning critical care medical crew ensures that the patient receives the highest standard of care throughout the entire transfer, both on the ground and in the air. Our medical crew accompanies the patient every step of the way.


Sandra's Story

70-year-old Sandra Olsen traveled to Nairobi, Kenya as a volunteer on a medical mission. During a work-related trip to Uganda, Sandra was bitten by a mosquito. Approximately a week later, she went into shock with an altered mental state and suffered an overall loss of kidney function.


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Patient Care and Safety are Mission Critical

Our dedicated team coordinates every detail and our award-winning medical crew is at your side every step of the way

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