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Our focus is on Patient Advocacy, Clinical Care Standards, and Safety.

Advanced Medical Care and Air Ambulance Service from Mexico When You Need it the Most

We'll get you home.  When you need an air medical transport in and out of Mexico, Angel MedFlight is ready to help. 

Are you or a loved one stuck in Mexico and need to return home quickly for proper medical care?


Angel MedFlight has flown thousands of flights to and from Mexico in order to repatriate and transport American citizens to better care quickly and safely.


Call us today and we're on our way!  480-634-8017 (international) or 877-264-3570 (toll free in the U.S.)



AWARD-WINNING Medical Team leading the industry

PATIENT ADVOCACY and insurance assistance limiting your out-of-pocket cost

RELATIONSHIPS with over 5,000 healthcare facilities

BEST-IN-CLASS Safety Standards



What We Do For You

  1.  24/7 availability.   Our in-house flight coordination and dispatch crews are here for you around the clock, all year around.
  2.  Unmatched Clinical Expertise.  100 percent licensed in Advanced Certifications (CFRN/FP-C) - a first in the Air Ambulance industry. 
  3. Patient Advocacy.  "Patients first" is core to our mission.  Our team of experts will coordinate all of the details with healthcare facilities and verify insurance benefits to simplify the entire process.
  4. A Focus on Safety.   We pride ourselves in our perfect safety record.
  5. Complete bedside-to-bedside transportation.  We coordinate ground ambulance transportation on both sides of your journey 
  6. Flying ICU.  Our advanced fleet of jets are configured as hospital intensive care units so you always know you’re receiving the best care possible.

Our focus is on Patient Advocacy, Clinical Care Standards, and Safety.


Lillian's Story

At the tender age of eight months, Lillian Trippe had just learned to crawl, and was busily exploring her Oregon surroundings. She was also setting out on a much more challenging journey – a fight against acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


What You Can Expect From Us

  • Exceptional care: Patients are our top priority. That’s why all of our team members, equipment and systems are top of the line
  • Experience: With years of experience in air ambulance, critical care, flight nursing and insurance law, our team knows how to provide the best care at every stage of patient transport
  • Safety: Angel MedFlight is committed to safety. All flight and medical personnel regularly participate in rigorous education and training that exceeds governing agency standards
  • Continuity of care: The same two critical care medical personnel accompany your loved one throughout the trip to ensure a safe, comfortable, seamless Bedside-to-Bedside® transfer
  • Communication: We are in constant contact with healthcare providers and patient family members, to keep you informed and address any questions or concerns you may have




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Angel MedFlight and our preferred part 135 operator provide complete air ambulance services for all types of patients. Learn more about our patient services or call us now – we’re here for you 24/7.