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September 21, 2017

7 Case Managers Share Why they’re Grateful Today

BY Angel MedFlight
Case Manager, World Gratitude Day

Ready to give thanks a little early this year? September 21st is World Gratitude Day, and it’s the perfect time to take stock of everything (and everyone) great in your life. Sounds simple, but according to Google’s Head of Human Resources, it’s also the secret to happiness in and outside of the office.

Why World Gratitude Day?

Aside from the obvious premise of spreading the warm vibes around, since 1965, September 21st has been a day to express gratitude and appreciation. The celebration started at an international assembly in Hawaii. The following year, attendees brought the Gratitude Day back to their own countries. Every year, more people join in the celebration of everything that makes a difference in their lives.

Today reminds us happiness isn’t about getting everything we want. It’s about being thankful for who and what we have already that we may overlook most days.

And in celebration of World Gratitude Day this year, we asked these leaders in Case Management to share what they’re grateful for today:

1. Working with patients is a privilege.

“I tell my patients and their families that we (patients, families and I) work together as a team to meet their needs. I am thankful for the privilege of working with my patients to help them in any way possible. Recently I was fortunate to have my Medical Director reach out to our team involved in authorizing a prosthetic leg for a patient whose benefits might end or change at the end of the month. I prayed for a miracle and that patient received the prosthesis two days before the end of the month.”

Kathy Barrows, Complex Case Manager RN in West Chester, Ohio


2. We weathered the storm.

“With all the recent hurricanes hitting the south and southeast, I am grateful to be part of a prepared medical company like HealthSouth. Our hospital was well prepared and ready to care for our patients with a hospital built to withstand high winds and high impact glass along with not one, but three generators that kept us going throughout the storm.

Our team was well prepared and reviewed daily what was needed the week before. My Case Management team talked to patients every day to address their concerns. We called all of their family members the Saturday before the hurricane hit to alleviate their worry. In total, we cared for 54 patients, several family members, and 81 staff members with 53 of their own family members onsite. Goodbye, Irma!”

Mary Robinson, Director of Case Management in St. Petersburg, Florida


3. Working with people who make a difference.

“I am thankful for the GREAT team of case managers and social workers I manage at Vidant Chowan, Vidant Bertie, and Vidant Edgecombe. Their love of their jobs, their compassion for their patients (every single day), and their collaborations with customers to create an idealized discharge plan goes beyond words for me. Our case managers are simply awesome! They are true examples of our system values here at Vidant Health: integrity, compassion, education, accountability, safety, and teamwork.”

Lynn Dale, Director Case Management in Edenton, North Carolina


4. It’s all about our team of problem solvers.

“Healthcare is ever-changing and incredibly demanding. Demands for quality, (despite a declining reimbursement), keep us on our toes. As a leader at Visiting Nurse Health System, Georgia’s largest not for profit home health & hospice agency, I am most grateful to our Business Development and Care Coordination teams. They are dedicated, collaborative, nimble in nature, and are solution-oriented in solving barriers to discharge.”

Antoinette Kilgore RN, BSN, CCM, Executive Director, Care Coordination & Account Management in Atlanta, Georgia


5. Grateful for everything (and everyone).

“I’m profoundly grateful to be involved in a profession in which I’m surrounded and inspired by some of the most enthusiastic, caring, and passionate people on earth. I’m full of gratitude for my friends, mentors, and colleagues who over the years have inspired me to grow and succeed by sharing their passion for case management—I’ve been so fortunate to benefit from their kindness, compassion, and generosity of heart and spirit.

I’ve been blessed with mentors who inspired me to challenge myself and taught me that a clear vision, focus on the big picture, and a genuinely caring mindset will help achieve your goals (and then some!). I’m grateful for learning early on that leadership is always about how we inspire the heart – that has kept me grounded in positivity and gratitude throughout my entire career.”

Mary Beth Newman, MSN, RN-BC, CCM, CHCQM, Senior Assistant Vice President, Population Health Solutions in Loveland, Ohio


6. Everything starts with my family.

“Personally, I am always grateful for the support of my family. They make it possible for me to grow and thrive professionally. I am grateful to work at a world class Cancer center where as a case management professional, I can personalize the care that is a result of the academic research our amazing physicians and scientists provide.”

Laura Ostrowsky, Director of Case Management in New York, New York


7. The spirit of our team makes everything possible.

“I am grateful for the wonderful team I work with daily. They truly care about our patients and families and strive every day to make a difference in someone’s life. They did not miss a beat during the recent disaster in our area. Many of them reported to work and provided the needed support to our patients, families, and our referral partners while dealing with losses of their own. The spirit of this team never ceases to amaze me.”

Kelly Matula, RN, CRRN, CBIS, Clinical Manager of Inpatient Patient Access Services in Houston, TX


What are your reasons for being grateful today?

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