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November 10, 2017

8 Veterans Share What Service Means to them

BY Angel MedFlight

It’s the time of year when we honor those who have given and sacrificed the most, our veterans and their families. At Angel MedFlight, we’re proud this includes 11 of our own team members.

Each year on Veteran’s Day, we like to recognize their service and dedication. And this year our veterans wanted to recognize their peers. We asked what the service of men and women in the forces means to them, and here’s what they shared:

1. Service before self.

“When I think of those who serve, it’s service before self, a strong desire to put oneself in service for our country. A commitment to step up and serve knowing the cost he or she might have to pay. Duty, Honor, Country!

Each year on Veteran’s Day we like to recognize their service and dedication. I enjoyed my 36 years of military service greatly. I had the opportunity to deploy in several areas of operations (Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Desert Storm, Operation Panama Liberation), and several more.

I cannot express my joy of serving with great men and women in the military from the Department of Defense echelons and the Five Military Branches (Coast Guard, USAF, Army, Navy, Marines). I miss being in the military every day. God bless our service men and women today!”

Tom Cornatzer, Flight Nurse


2. It’s about family and shared values.

“Service in the military is a family. It is the culmination of shared core values, goals, and experiences. This family is developed when we serve side-by-side, and stays with us the rest of our lives.”

– John Moyer, Flight Nurse


3. Taking an oath at any cost.

Someone who takes an oath and honors that promise to country regardless of the cost.

‘All gave some. Some gave all.’”

Chaleece Caldwell, Flight Nurse


4. Family, honor and duty.

“When I think of my Marine family (I was a Navy Corpsman (medic) I was so lucky to serve with in war and in peace… only a few words really can describe them.

1) Family. They would put their life on the line for me and me for them.

2) Honor. They would do nothing to dishonor themselves, their country or the word “Marine”.

3) Dutiful. Even during the most harsh and difficult times. They ALWAYS fulfill their duty.

I love them all and am proud to have served with such women and men.”

– Jeffrey Nutt, Flight Paramedic


5. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice.

“Willing to sacrifice everything.”

Bambi PishDerr, Director of Clinical Services


6. These are our role models.

“There are many words that come to mind when I think of those who serve. I think of honor, duty, selfless sacrifice and role-model. Whatever the reason I have the deepest respect for those that serve and I am truly thankful.”

Ray Mallaire, Senior IT Project Manager


7. Putting your life on the line.

“Selfless, brave, and honorable. Selfless because it’s a sacrifice of one’s life, personal, home or otherwise. Brave because it’s not easy to do the things you are called/trained to do and be O.K. with it. Honorable because it is an honor to stand alongside others who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for their country, along with men and women of the past who sacrificed it all for the freedom to live in this country.

Having been in the military myself I understand what it means when you are asked to put your life on the line, to do what you are told to do without hesitation and to stand tall knowing that you had enough intestinal fortitude to serve your country unlike most ever will.”

– David Little, Dispatcher


8. The greatest people…

“Selfless, patriotic, honest, motivated, team-players, exceptional, and by far the absolute most amazing people to surround yourselves with day-in and day-out. The military members, spouses and children are part of the biggest & greatest family to exist.

We all live by these words: Integrity, Service before Self, and Excellence in all we do. It is engrained into your every action. It is a true inspiration and honor to have spent 15 years of my life serving amongst those who share my same values. I honor each and every airman, soldier, seaman and marine who choose to place the flag of our country above personal interests.”

Jennifer Peterson, Lead Flight Coordinator


Thank You for Honoring Veteran’s Day with Us

Today we honor all of those who have served this country, and our veterans here at Angel MedFlight: Bambi PishDerr, Brett Murphy, Chaleece Caldwell, David Little, Dave Whitehead, Jennifer Peterson, Jeffrey Nutt, Patrick Powers, John Moyer, Ray Mallaire, and Tom Cornatzer.