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October 11, 2017

7 Reasons Case Managers Inspire Us Daily

BY Angel MedFlight

Ready for your big week? October 8th through the 14th is National Case Management Week, and we’re ready to celebrate. Angel MedFlight teams with case managers daily – these relationships have made us better at what we do as a team company-wide.

Why National Case Management Week?

Started in 1998 to continue moving the profession forward, each year National Case Management Week (NCMW) is observed during the second full week of October and honors professionals in hospital and health system environments. This week gives all of us the opportunity to recognize how case management professionals make a difference.

And in celebration of these case managers, we asked business members throughout the company to share how professionals in the community teach and inspire them every day:

1. It’s all about helping the patient.

I love working with case managers because I truly enjoy developing trusting relationships with other healthcare professionals. In addition, since many case managers are also nurses, and since I’m a nurse, anytime I get to deal with other nurses it is fantastic. I love collaboration towards one goal and I love helping people. Case managers are key essential members of the healthcare team.”

Jennifer Peterson, Flight Coordinator & RN


2. You never stop inspiring.

Case managers are extraordinary! They leave me awe-struck by their depth and breadth of character, sensitivity and heart. Helping patients and their families, navigate difficult situations can be quite taxing. Their grace under such pressure truly inspires me.”

Karen Marie Derr, Business Development Manager


3. You make us better at what we do.

“Over the last several years, I’ve had the privilege of working with and meeting leaders throughout the case management community from different facilities and specialties across the country. I’ve learned something important from every one of these interactions. Often times, I’ve been able to bring these takeaways back to our team at Angel MedFlight so we can continue getting better at what we do. While every case management professional I’ve met has been different, they all shared something in common: the tireless drive, commitment, and compassion they have for their patients.”

Andrew Bess, Chief Operations Officer


4. You make everything possible.

“I’ve worked with hundreds of case managers during my time at Angel MedFlight. They build relationships on trust with both patients and their families. They take the time to focus on their patients’ problems and show true compassion for their current situation. Case managers are the backbone to modern day medicine, and I’m proud to work with these heroes every day.”

Matthew Butler, Chief Flight Coordinator


5. You have a plan under pressure.

I value working with case managers – they are crucial in identifying a patient’s goals and connecting them with the resources to meet them for an optimal outcome. During what is a stressful time for patients and their families, case managers think outside the box to arrange services that families may not know are available, including air ambulance transport. Whether it be transferring a patient to a higher level or care, or helping them return home to their loved ones, case managers play a vital role in the lives and the overall well-being of their patients.

Katlyn Friel, Flight Coordinator


6. In the darkest of times, you lift people up.

“I enjoy working with case managers because we share the same passion and mission to help our patients and families in the most difficult time.”

Vesna Mihajlovic, Flight Coordinator


7. You make it possible for me to make a difference.

“I work with case managers daily – their passion for their patients’ care is inspiring. Case managers make my ability to coordinate life-changing transports for my patients possible and for that I am grateful. I wouldn’t be successful without their support and drive to help patients.”

Carl Anderson, Flight Coordinator


Thank You from All of Us

Thank you from all of us at Angel MedFlight for your passion, your commitment and for making your life about changing the lives of others every day.


Shared your feedback with us lately? If you’ve participated in our Case Manager Survey drawing, you can find announced winners here every week in October. We’d like to congratulate:

  • Stacey Cline, RN/Case Manager