Photo of a medically configured learjet - Angel MedFlight



The retainer amount is intended to cover any patient copay, deductible, and coinsurance obligations as well as some upfront out-of-pocket costs. The retainer amount does not constitute Angel MedFlight’s charges for the services. The charges for the services will be calculated after the services are rendered and then billed to available payor sources for reimbursement. If the charges are paid in full by the payor source(s), the retainer will be refunded less any copay, deductible, and coinsurance amounts.

Scheduling for services will not commence until the patient or patient’s Power of Attorney reviews and signs Angel MedFlight’s Air Medical Transport Agreement and, in most cases, remits the retainer amount to Angel MedFlight. The executed Air Medical Transport Agreement will supersede this Retainer Quote, as this Retainer Quote is only an estimate of the services to be performed. Depending on aircraft availability, Angel MedFlight may need to postpone the date(s) of service and/or utilize one of its approved vendors to assist in performing the services.