About Our Services

Angel MedFlight’s exceptional service begins before you board with our Flight Coordination team. You will speak with a flight coordinator who will explain every detail including our trademark Bedside-to-Bedside® service transfers, around the clock availability and support.

Exceptional Service

Once on-board, Angel MedFlight utilizes a two-person team on ALL flights including a Critical Care Nurse and a Critical Care Flight Paramedic that stay by the patient’s side every step of the way.

And through it all, you will experience our One Touch Promise® that ensures seamless service and continuity of care from start to finish. Please see the options below for which flight will serve you best.

Services Include

Domestic Air Ambulance

Domestic Transport

Patients who are critically ill or injured cannot be transported by a commercial airline or ground ambulances. Angel MedFlight offers medically-configured aircrafts equipped with a stretcher, advanced life support equipment, medications and a specialized flight trained medical crew to transport all over the US. Learn more about Angel MedFlight's Domestic Transport Services

Leader in Air Ambulance Transporting Patients Internationaly

International Air Transport

Angel MedFlight medically transports patients to health care facilities around the world. This includes medical flight transports for soldiers, military personnel and veterans, as well as international flights to return patients home for acute and long-term care, and for those who are injured or fall ill while travelling.

Medical Flight Specialty Care Transportation

Specialty Care Transports

We can transport virtually any medical condition including, but not limited to; burn and wound patients, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, status post trauma, organ transplant recipients, open or closed head injuries, respiratory illness, cancer patients, infant & pediatric. We also can provide commercial medical escorts.

Patient Advocate for Air Ambulance Medical Transport

Claims Process

Angel MedFlight advocates on behalf of our patients through the entire claims process, at no additional cost to patients or their families. More info

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