Our spotless record is just one example of our commitment to safety.

Safety and Care of Our Patients

At Angel MedFlight, the safety of our patients is the number one priority. We embrace “Just Culture” concepts and pride ourselves in having a meaningful and active safety program. Proactive safety concepts are ingrained in daily operations and are evidenced by our perfect safety record. 

Management Commitment to Safety

At Angel MedFlight, our commitment to safety and quality is based on our firm belief in creating an environment that is free of hazards for both our customers and associates. Establishing, implementing, and enforcing safety practices and risk management systems at every level within the company is our highest priority.

Defining Safety Protocols

  • We developed and maintain a culture that recognizes the value of proactive safety and quality management.
  • Our employees’ duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities are clearly defined.
  • We ensure that all staff are provided with safety information and training that will uphold or exceed the standards that are set forth in the company safety program.
  • Our staff complies with or exceeds all regulatory and company specific requirements.

Supporting Action

  • Employees proactively manage the risks associated with company operations.
  • We conduct internal audits to ensure that the company and regulatory standards are being met.
  • Any externally supplied services and equipment meet or exceed all regulatory and company standards.
  • Performance goals are defined and we consistently measure performance against those goals.
  • All employees are encouraged to report errors and safety concerns.

24/7 In-house Staff – Dispatch and Flight Coordination

Not all air ambulance operators have a 24/7 in-house Flight Coordination and Dispatch center. The safety benefits to having in-house staff around the clock are immeasurable, and Angel MedFlight is proud to make this commitment to patients and loved ones. In-house staff provides more active flight tracking, better communication, quicker response times, and an overall better customer experience.

Advanced Clinical Certifications