Important questions to ask when you are selecting an air ambulance service

  1. What do I have to do to arrange a medical flight?
  2. How do you ensure the patient’s safety?
  3. What will you do to get my insurance to pay for the flight?
  4. How do I know that your service is reliable?

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Having an ill or injured loved one is overwhelming, even without the added stress of managing the myriad of details needed for a successful medical transport.

At Angel MedFlight, we understand and we can help. Every day, our flight nurse coordinators arrange the safe transport of patients across the country and around the world.


  • Bedside-to-Bedside® patient transfers: We arrange every detail of a smooth transition, with two experienced medical team members by your loved one's side the entire trip
  • Domestic and international air ambulance: All aircraft utilized are equipped with the latest medical equipment for the patient’s safety and comfort
  • Ground ambulance: We coordinate ground transportation between facilities and airports, never leaving your loved one's side for a moment
  • Insurance specialists: Our in-house insurance law team handles authorizations, billing and claims
  • Commercial medical escorts: For patients able to fly commercially, our highly-trained medical staff accompany your loved one as they are transported via special arrangements on a commercial jetliner


  • Exceptional care: Patients are our top priority. That’s why all of our team members, equipment and systems are top of the line
  • Experience: With years of experience in air ambulance, critical care, flight nursing and insurance law, our team knows how to provide the best care at every stage of patient transport
  • Safety: Angel MedFlight is committed to safety. All flight and medical personnel regularly participate in rigorous education and training that exceeds governing agency standards
  • Continuity of care: The same two critical care medical personnel accompany your loved one throughout the trip to ensure a safe, comfortable, seamless Bedside-to-Bedside® transfer
  • Communication: We are in constant contact with healthcare providers and patient family members, to keep you informed and address any questions or concerns you may have


  • You contact us
  • We listen & gather information
  • We take it from there

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"My husband's flight could not have been better, every part of it was perfectly coordinated. If I can ever do anything for Angel MedFlight, I'm here in Iowa for you. You helped me through an impossible situation and we are now on the other side. Travis is doing better in the hospital here and I have the strength and support from my family."
Melissa Collins*
Des Moines, Iowa

"Everything for my husband's flight was wonderful. The Angel MedFlight medical crew was so nice and easy to work with. They kept my husband comfortable. They held his hand; it was great. The flight coordinator explained everything to me ahead of time. She told me what was going to happen and what to expect. I am afraid of flying but they made me feel comfortable. When we landed, the ambulance was right there and ready to go. Everything went well. I want to thank everyone at Angel MedFlight, they were fantastic."
Janet Hollis*
Birmingham, Alabama

"...We are thrilled that everything has gone so well! We tremendously appreciate the care and support that everyone at Angel MedFlight has provided Betty leading up to this point . They helped keep her informed about her condition, which was so important to us, and as comfortable and healthy as possible while she waited for transplant. We thank them for their expertise and kind compassion."
Nancy F. (Patient's Mother)
Dallas, Texas

"My mother and I just wanted to thank Angel MedFlight for all of their help and consideration moving my father and mother to Texas. It could not have went any smoother just as they told me it would. My parents got here safely and dad is in the nursing home and I'm sure his progression will improve. Again, thanks Angel MedFlight for the tremendous effort. The crew was great with my parents."
Bob N. (Patient's Son)
San Antonio, Texas

"I read the testimonials on your website and was very impressed. I wish I would have found Angel MedFlight sooner, so we could have gotten my mother home right away. I was very impressed with Angel MedFlight. There were no time constraints. I could call in the middle of the night and they would answer. Also, the help we received from the Angel MedFlight staff really took the load off me and my dad so we could concentrate on my mother. Knowing that they were taking care of the insurance claim really made me rest easier at night."
Natalie J. (Patient's Daughter)
Wichita, Kansas

"Angel MedFlight is absolutely fantastic. Beyond fabulous. The pilot, paramedic, nurse -- all of them. It was the best flight I ever had in my life."
Kayla D.
Flown to US from vacation in Mexico

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