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"The help we received from the Angel MedFlight really took the load off me and my dad so we could concentrate on my mother. Knowing that Angel MedFlight was taking care of the insurance claims really made me rest easier at night."

Wichita, Kansas

"My brother is the one who called Angel MedFlight. Then I talked to a flight coordinator and she said, 'We will do everything we can to help your husband.' The next day I got a call from Angel MedFlight they said, 'We are coming to get your husband.' I was so relieved and it's just so nice to know that your team was there to assist me with my insurance company to make sure the flight was covered."

Mrs. Nelson

Lubbock, Texas

"I don't know all of the work that the team did for us, but I know they worked very hard to get the flight approved by the insurance company. We just wanted to get Steve back to Boston so he could get the care he needs and be close to all of us. I really appreciated everything that Angel MedFlight did for us"

Tom Baker

Boston, Massachusetts

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