Air Ambulance Domestic Transport Resources

Domestic Air Medical Convenience:

Angel MedFlight’s base of operation is wherever our jets are on any given day. Our fluid base of operations means getting to our patients faster and transporting them comfortably in jets that offer superior safety. We can dispatch our fleet of jets domestically to all 50 states. We have the capability to fly in and out of virtually any airport in the U.S. with a runway length of 5300 feet. Therefore, with hundreds of airports at our disposal, we can fly into a location that is near your medical facility. We can transport patients with virtually any type of medical issue including, but not limited to; pediatric cases, burn and wound patient’s traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, status post trauma, organ transplant recipients, open or closed head injuries, respiratory illness and cancer patients.

U.S. Medical Flights Speed And Safety:

Our jets are modern and equipped with the latest avionics. They are fast, flying at almost the speed of sound. This allows us to transport patients rapidly, at higher altitudes, allowing for a more smooth and comfortable flight. The cabins in our jets are large enough to accommodate family members and in some cases, even a pet. We have our own air charter certificate, meaning we own, operate and maintain our own aircraft. The safety features of our aircraft exceed the FAA standards and our safety record is impeccable. All of our jets are piloted by a two pilot crew at all times. With our fast, modern fleet of medical equipped jets, our ability to get to patients anywhere is the U.S., Angel MedFlight is your best choice for transporting your patient or loved one. Contact us today. We’re ready to fly anywhere you need us.