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Organizations across the country trust Angel MedFlight as their go-to air and ground ambulance service. And we are proud to be affiliated with these exemplary organizations. Together, we serve our patients with the best in quality care. Get to know our professional partners.




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Angel MedFlight Partners With ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders for Safe Patient Transfers

ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health is the only specialized medical stabilization program in the U.S. equipped to manage the life-threatening medical complications of severe eating disorders. Due to the fragile and severe nature of their illness, many patients require urgent hospital-to-hospital air ambulance transfers to receive the life-saving care that only ACUTE offers. Angel MedFlight quickly and safely transports high-risk patients using a fleet of medically configured jets. Angel MedFlight has partnered with ACUTE to establish specific care guidelines, ensuring continuity of care throughout the patient transfer and hospitalization process.


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Logan's Story

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Angel MedFlight Partners With Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) for Safe Patient Transfers

Since 1991, U.S. News & World Report has ranked the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago the number one provider of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation care in the country. RIC’s steadfast commitment to excellence drives its progressive medical protocols and innovative research studies. Patients from all over the country travel to Chicago to be treated at RIC, and Angel MedFlight is RIC’s choice for air and ground medical transportation. Angel MedFlight and RIC work together to understand each patient’s unique needs when traveling to and from the rehabilitation center, so that the medical care they receive can be of the highest possible quality.


For Long Distance Transfers, Our Partners Count on Angel MedFlight.

  • Angel MedFlight transfers patients from every region in the United States
  • Angel MedFlight’s Flight Coordinators work closely with patients, their family members, and healthcare providers for seamless air medical transports.
  • Angel MedFlight’s medical team has extensive experience transporting patients suffering from a myriad of health issues.
  • To expedite flights, Angel MedFlight verifies air ambulance insurance benefits and handles insurance preauthorization submissions.

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