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At Angel MedFlight, our flight coordinators are experienced case managers and licensed RNs dedicated to providing exceptional care and service for our patients. We know that as a case manager, you handle hundreds of details daily, balancing your administrative duties with patient care. We can help.

At Angel MedFlight, we...

  • Coordinate the air and ground transportation
  • Make arrangements with the receiving facility
  • Communicate directly with family members
  • Contact the patient’s insurance company
  • Update medical teams at both sending and receiving facilities throughout transport

Angel MedFlight is committed to simplifying the medical air transportation process, saving you time and reducing stress on your patients and their families.

From making telephone calls to submitting insurance documents, the Angel MedFlight team relieves you of time-consuming tasks associated with coordinating air ambulance service, allowing you to focus on your patients. Every day, we arrange air and ground transportation around the world, so we have the experience and expertise to accommodate the needs of any patient including newborns. You can always count on Angel MedFlight to provide exceptional care and service.

case manager air ambulance reference guide case manager air ambulance reference guide
Great Air Ambulance Serivce

"Lilli, getting to go home, the gift that your air ambulance service provide, to helping folks make their small dreams come true, the dream of returning to where they’re comfortable, where they find life. So Angel MedFlight made a big difference for our family."

Nancy Skinner

RN-BC, CCM, CMSA President

Chattanooga, Tennessee

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Angel MedFlight a 12! This has got to be the 4th or 5th time that we've used them and they provide wonderful service every time. The flight coordinators keep me informed the entire trip. The medical team gave a full report when they arrived. The family was well-informed and happy. It is a pleasure to work with them. Angel MedFlight always provide up-to-the minute information. It makes my job easy. Angel MedFlight is first class all the way! I will definitely use them again or recommend them to others who need you. Angel MedFlight can always use me as a reference!"

Case Manager

Short-term skilled nursing facility

Spokane, Washington

"Angel MedFlight CEO was really awesome. He worked after hours to get the flight approved. He even called me at home to keep me updated. He contacted the family directly so that they understood every step of the process."

It was obvious that we were a priority and that everyone at Angel MedFlight was working hard to help my patient. I will definitely rely on Angel MedFlight to transport other patients in the future and I will encourage other case managers to use Angel MedFlight as well."

Hospital Case Worker

San Antonio, Texas

"I found Angel MedFlight on the internet. I completed the form on the website and an Angel MedFlight flight coordinator called me almost immediately. I was sold based on the fact that they handle every part of the transfer, not just the flight but the ground transportation at both ends as well. I want to thank them for taking such good care of my patients. Whenever another case manager needs to schedule a medical air transfer, I always refer them to Angel MedFlight."

Hospital Case Manager

Louisville, Kentucky

"Working with Angel MedFlight was a great experience. There was nothing at their end that could have been handled better. We had some issues with insurance forms that needed to be signed and collected. I appreciated Angel MedFlight’s help figuring out who needed to sign what [for insurance purposes].

We got the outcome we needed, right on time. The Angel MedFlight staff was friendly...helpful...competent. I would use Angel MedFlight again."

Hospital Social Worker

Topeka, Kansas

"The patient's family was pleased. I was pleased. Everything went well. The AMF flight coordinators were helpful, kind, diligent. There was a minor delay in the flight and they called to tell right away. You don't find that very often.

Everyone I talked to was very, very helpful. I would definitely use you again if a patient needed to be transported.

I was very pleased and I would refer Angel MedFlight to others.

Hospital Case Manager

Naples, Florida

"Angel MedFlight could not have done a better job. I just heard from the patient's daughter today and she was pleased with your service. You know, initially they considered sending the patient on a commercial flight. I think the family was in denial about how frail and ill he really is. I'm glad that they came around and realized the need for a medical flight."

"I am very happy with Angel MedFlight. Their team was easy to work with and they had great communication skills. I felt confident that the patient would be well cared for. I would certainly use them again."

Hospice Case Manager

Ft. Myers, Florida

"We have used Angel MedFlight before for previous patients so my coworker got the Angel MedFlight phone number from my rolodex and placed the first call because I was out.

Everyone at Angel MedFlight was easy to work with and they responded quickly."

"We were originally going to go with another company, but their plane was being repaired or having maintenance. So we went with Angel MedFlight. We were pleased; Angel MedFlight came through with everything just as they said they would."

Hospital Case Manager

Loxahatchee, Florida