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SimMan 3G: Angel MedFlight’s State-of-the-Art Patient Simulator

BY Angel MedFlight

Here’s one member of the Angel MedFlight staff that you may not meet in person, but who has a very important role behind the scenes.

He’s SimMan® 3G, and he’s a highly advanced human patient simulator designed by leading life support training company Laerdal.

The Angel MedFlight critical care medical crew uses this realistic patient simulator to further enhance their clinical knowledge and teamwork.

With the ability to exhibit a variety of human health conditions, SimMan® 3G enables our crew to hone procedures including chest decompression, chest tubes, intubation, catheterization, sternal and tibial intraosseous insertion, pupil evaluation, airway management and more.

SimMan® 3G is virtually lifelike: He blinks and cries. He has a pulse, and can make heart, lung and bowel sounds. His pupils respond to light. He can secrete from his mouth, eyes, ears and nose. He responds to medications, anesthetic, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

“Training on SimMan is like treating an actual patient who reacts to drugs, procedures, and stimuli,” says Angel MedFlight critical care flight paramedic Matt Butler. “He gives us the opportunity to treat a full range of conditions and patients, from normal to stable to unstable.”

The Laerdal SimMan® 3G is a valuable educational tool in Angel MedFlight’s lifesaving efforts, and our patients reap the benefits that this real-time, authentic training affords.