Chet Snider

Corporate Counsel

Chet Snider is Corporate Counsel of Angel MedFlight, where he has devoted his practice to health insurance law. He has extensive experience in obscure medical insurance administrative processes and complicated health insurance products. He holds insurers accountable through applicable insurance laws, such as ERISA, and by way of the concept of fiduciary duty, which an insurance company owes to each of its members/insureds. His activities include: instituting Angel MedFlight policy and practice that is compliant with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards; drafting administrative appeals; health insurance payment resolution; and litigation management.

Prior to joining Angel MedFlight, Chet practiced in the area of medical malpractice. During that time, he was a patient advocate safeguarding the medical standard of care. Chet was excited to bring his skills to Angel MedFlight to pursue reimbursement from difficult insurance companies, which allows Angel MedFlight to render world-class air ambulance services to each patient.

As a native Arizonian, Chet received a Bachelor's degree summa cum laude in Communication from Arizona State University and his Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School. Chet is licensed to practice law in Arizona. He is interested in attending music concerts and sport events with his wife and nine year-old son.