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It’s what we’d choose for our own families, and it’s what we choose for yours, too.

Aviation West Charters (dba. Angel MedFlight) owns, operates and meticulously maintains a fleet of state-of-the-art medically-dedicated jets. Having our own air charter certificate means that we can control the quality of the aircraft we operate and we choose advanced avionics and safety features that exceed FAA standards. And most of all, it means that you can always feel confident that the Angel MedFlight jet transporting your patient or loved one is customized with the patient’s utmost safety, comfort and care in mind.

Angel MedFlight’s jets feature pressurized cabins and are medically configured as flying hospital intensive care units complete with custom stretcher, specialized equipment and medications. These air ambulance aircraft with worldwide capabilities are equipped to deliver lifesaving care around the globe.

Being a dba. company of Aviation West Charters, Angel MedFlight is licensed in all states and insured worldwide. Certificate of Insurance and Ops Specs can be found here.

Air Carrier Certificate


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The next generation of medical transportation

In 2011, Angel MedFlight introduced two of the first Learjet 60s in North and South America dedicated to patient transport. These mid-sized jets renowned for their reliability offer unrivaled advantages in transporting even the most acute patients.

The Lear 60’s extended flight range reduces fuel stops, decreasing overall travel time for patients, while high-altitude cruising elevates the jet above the weather for smoother flights. A roomy cabin provides ample space for specialized equipment and care and offers greater comfort for patients and passengers.

lear 60 air ambulance medical flight interior view


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Safe, efficient patient transport

Angel MedFlight utilizes the Learjet 35 for its fast, safe, efficient performance. Fast cruise speeds and high cruise altitudes make it well-suited for air ambulance service while long range gives the Lear 35 worldwide capabilities.

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Air Ambulance aircraft gallery

In addition to its own fleet, Angel MedFlight may utilize the services of sole and exclusive FAA F.A.R. Part 135 vendors, such as AeroJet Services, LLC (License Number: J7EA116I). Our vendors retain ARG/US or IS-BAO ratings in order to ensure the safest aviation operations possible.