Company History

Established in 2007, Angel MedFlight is a leader and innovator in air ambulance transport.   President Jeremy Freer founded the company as an alternative to an inefficient system that overloaded hospital case managers and left patients stranded, waiting for their insurance companies to approve flight benefits.

While attending medical school, Jeremy worked as a flight paramedic. He witnessed first-hand the overwhelming amount of details case managers must coordinate with every patient air transfer. He recognized a need for improvement and saw an opportunity to provide better patient care and to increase efficiency. He started Angel MedFlight, an air transportation company that coordinates every aspect of a medical transfer, offering a One Touch Promise®.

Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise® is Jeremy's vision for exceptional patient care and operational excellence. Jeremy carefully selected medical professionals who reflected his core principles to join his team. As a patient-oriented organization, Angel MedFlight's staff is committed to simplifying the process for the patients, their families and the case managers who care for them.

Nationwide, case managers realized the advantages of using Angel MedFlight's services for patient transfers and the company began to grow, adding an entire legal department to assist patients with insurance benefit claims. The Angel MedFlight legal team works diligently to ensure patients receive all of the insurance benefits to which they are entitled.

By 2008, Angel MedFlight extended its services to include international flights and has transferred patients from five continents. Built with compassion and integrity, Angel MedFlight continues to expand and solidify its position as a premier air ambulance service provider. From a medical student's idealistic vision to a successful, international reality, Angel MedFlight is a company dedicated to unparalleled patient care.

As Angel MedFlight has expanded its operations, we have opened additional offices in Corvallis, Ore., Fredericktown, Ohio, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.