Angel MedFlight is the leader in Patient Advocacy and Clinical Care Standards across the air ambulance industry. We work hand-in-hand with facilities around the country to ensure we are an extension of their clinical standards and protocols. Our unique partnership with the leading healthcare facilities in the nation allow us to deliver best-in-class care to our patient population.

With Bedside-to-Bedside® service, the Angel MedFlight team safely transports patients across the country and around the world, delivering unparalleled patient care. We are a healthcare company first and foremost. Patient care is centric to our mission.

What makes us Different - Number 1

Our Flight Coordination Department includes licensed nurses, case managers and healthcare professionals.

Many air ambulance companies outsource these critical components of air ambulance transfer. We firmly believe that continuity of care and management of the entire transport is critical to our success.

What makes us Different - Number 2

Our team handles all of the aspects of the air and ground transportation.

We understand our patients' needs and medical requirements and we pride ourselves on giving peace of mind that we have got you covered.

What makes us Different - Number 3

Our Award-Winning medical crew is with our patients through every step of the medical transfer.

Our Clinical Medical Crew is unique as we are 100 percent licensed in Advanced Certifications (CFRN/FPC) – a first in the Air Ambulance industry. Our team earned the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing Recognition (BCEN) and we are dedicated to clinical excellence.

What makes us Different - Number 4

Both a critical care flight nurse and paramedic accompany our patients on every flight.

Our medical team is with our patients every moment, from bedside-to-bedside. We work with sending and receiving healthcare facilities to ensure we get the latest clinical update so we can ensure we are an extension of our patient's standard of care.

What makes us Different - Number 5

Safety is always our top priority.

Angel MedFlight relies on exceptional pilots and state-of-the-art aircraft to transport our patients and medical crew. The medically-dedicated jets are meticulously maintained and are flown by experienced pilots and co-pilots. Safety is our top priority.

What makes us Different - Number 6

We communicate directly with our patients’ families and healthcare professionals.

The Angel MedFlight team personally speaks to our patient's case managers, physicians and family members. We clarify, confirm and document all patient-related information, eliminating communication errors. Family members receive a detailed itinerary and a web link so that they can track the flight online.

What makes us Different - Number 7

Our in-house legal team assists with insurance coverage.

Our in-house legal department is unrivaled in the industry and Patient Advocacy is paramount. We fight for pre-authorizations and approvals and appeal benefit claim denials on behalf of our patient if insurance benefits are wrongfully withheld.

The leader in air medical ambulance service

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"My husband's flight could not have been better, every part of it was perfectly coordinated. If I can ever do anything for Angel MedFlight, I'm here in Iowa for you. You helped me through an impossible situation and we are now on the other side. Travis is doing better in the hospital here and I have the strength and support from my family."
Melissa Collins*
Des Moines, Iowa

"Everything for my husband's flight was wonderful. The Angel MedFlight medical crew was so nice and easy to work with. They kept my husband comfortable. They held his hand; it was great. The flight coordinator explained everything to me ahead of time. She told me what was going to happen and what to expect. I am afraid of flying but they made me feel comfortable. When we landed, the ambulance was right there and ready to go. Everything went well. I want to thank everyone at Angel MedFlight, they were fantastic."
Janet Hollis*
Birmingham, Alabama

"...We are thrilled that everything has gone so well! We tremendously appreciate the care and support that everyone at Angel MedFlight has provided Betty leading up to this point . They helped keep her informed about her condition, which was so important to us, and as comfortable and healthy as possible while she waited for transplant. We thank them for their expertise and kind compassion."
Nancy F. (Patient's Mother)
Dallas, Texas

"My mother and I just wanted to thank Angel MedFlight for all of their help and consideration moving my father and mother to Texas. It could not have went any smoother just as they told me it would. My parents got here safely and dad is in the nursing home and I'm sure his progression will improve. Again, thanks Angel MedFlight for the tremendous effort. The crew was great with my parents."
Bob N. (Patient's Son)
San Antonio, Texas

"Angel MedFlight is absolutely fantastic. Beyond fabulous. The pilot, paramedic, nurse -- all of them. It was the best flight I ever had in my life."
Kayla D.
Flown to US from vacation in Mexico