What makes us Different - Number 1

Our flight coordinators are licensed nurses and case managers.

Our experienced healthcare professionals customize our service to fit your needs from the moment you contact us. Many air ambulance companies rely on dispatchers who may not understand the complexities of your loved one’s condition, resulting in inferior care.

What makes us Different - Number 2

Our team handles all of the air and ground transportation.

We anticipate our patients’ needs and we coordinate all of details, so our service is seamless, reducing unnecessary stress on the patient. With Angel MedFlight, your loved one will never be stranded at an airport waiting for transport.

What makes us Different - Number 3

Our medical crew is with our patients through every step of the medical transfer.

Our compassionate medical team ensures that the patient receives the highest standard of care throughout the entire transfer both on the ground and in the air. We are with our patients every moment, providing care and comfort.

What makes us Different - Number 4

Both a critical care flight nurse and paramedic accompany our patients on every flight.

Highly trained and experienced, the members of the Angel MedFlight medical team are some of the best healthcare professionals in the industry. They are passionate about their work and they are committed to their patients.

What makes us Different - Number 5

Safety is always our top priority.

Angel MedFlight relies on exceptional pilots and state-of-the-art aircraft to transport our patients and medical crew. The medically-dedicated jets are meticulously maintained and are flown by experienced pilots and co-pilots. We never jeopardize our patient’s well-being by cutting corners. You can feel secure knowing that safety is our top priority.

What makes us Different - Number 6

We communicate directly with our patients’ families and healthcare professionals.

The Angel MedFlight team personally speaks to our patient’s case managers, physicians and family members. We clarify, confirm and document all patient-related information, eliminating communication errors. Family members receive a detailed itinerary and a web link so that they can track the flight online.

What makes us Different - Number 7

Our in-house legal team assists with insurance coverage.

With an impressive, in-house legal department that is unrivaled in the industry, Angel MedFlight assists patients and their families with their insurance benefits. We prepare documentation to expedite benefit approval and appeal claim denials on behalf of the patient when necessary.

The leader in air medical ambulance service

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Angel MedFlight is a leader and innovator in air ambulance service, streamlining the medical transfer process for our patients, their families and the case managers who care for them.

With Bedside-to-Bedside® service, the Angel MedFlight team safely transports patients from across the country or around the world, delivering unparalleled patient care. But we are more than a transportation company. We are a team of healthcare, aviation and legal professionals who are dedicated to exceeding our patients’ expectations and fulfilling our promises.